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Tuesday March 18, 2008 March 17, 2008

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Iapetus conjoins Enceladus in Gemini: You will have a unique experience at work today, but will discover afterwards that she is married to a brute.

Mars enjoins Venus in Sagittarius: Lucy and Bubba, lawyers married to different people, while defending a mass murderer during a long trial, fall in love, consummating their torrid affair in a torrid way in a sordid little janitor’s closet on the fifth floor of the courthouse. When the defendant escapes, threatening to get them at some point in their lives, they run away, leaving behind their spouses and establishing themselves as poker dealers in Vegas. When they receive another threat from the killer, they escape to South America where they establish a business in shamanic law deep in the Amazon jungle, working for several tribes of headhunters. They do not retire to a mansion in the south of France.

Mercury joins Venus in Hottub: The number four sparkplug wire in your car will short circuit while you are rushing to get to work. There will be an accident. These two events may not be related.

Neptune rejoins Saturn in Leo: A young boy escapes his mother’s surveillance in the New York Public Library. Having stolen her cigarette lighter during the ride to the Library, he finds an obscure corner among the books and begins to light them. In a short time the entire library is ablaze. Convinced that the fire is a terrorist act, the administration in Washington, seeking a political edge, drops a nuclear bomb on New York. Using a Reichstag scenario, the administration then declares war on all countries ending in -stan, and a few others ending in -an. Unfortunately the political loyalists they hire to program the missiles don’t know what they’re doing and the missiles end up leveling every American city of fifty thousand or more people. George Bush is heard shouting ‘God damn America, you brought this on yourself’ just before he is incinerated along with his entire family and all his relatives and Dick Cheney and all his relatives. The United States is left Bushless and Dickless.



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