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Sunday March 16, 2008 March 15, 2008

Posted by Ric in Today's Horoscope.

Neptune quine Uranus in Virgo: You will be happily surprised today. That’s all there is.

Saturn sextine Mercury in Leo: Alan leaves his room for the first time in ten years, venturing away from his books and computer into the real world. He walks to the end of the block, becomes disoriented and lost, and three weeks later ends up in Vegas, where he gets a job making the betting line on professional roller derby. A gorgeous stripper falls madly in love with him and they live happily for several years until the detectives his mother hired find him and try to force him to go back to Maryland. He and Jocelyn, the stripper, run away to South America and forge a life a crime, from which they will successfully retire to a mansion in the south of France.

Mars sestine Pluto in Scorpio: Someone close to you will be hit by a large truck. The settlement will allow both of you to retire to a mansion in the south of France, where you will meet interesting people before you board a faulty jet ski and drown.

Jupiter octine Saturn in Aries: Three field mice, migrating from the barren countryside of Iowa, set up shop in an abandoned lot in downtown Chicago, where they chew through some electrical wires left in place by a secret government organization during the Cold War. The wires, still hot, lead to an abandoned time-shift experiment. A short circuit reactivates the experiment and the city of Chicago disappears from this time into another, a thousand and twenty-three years in the future. The handful of Chicagoans that survive the transit discover they are the only humans left on Earth, and shortly thereafter are killed and eaten by giant rodents. No mice were harmed during this event.



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