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June 24, 2007 June 24, 2007

Posted by Ric in Aries, Cancer, Capricorn, Earth, Gemini, Horoscope, Leo, Libra, Planet X, Sagittarius, Taurus, Today's Horoscope, Virgo.

Saturn catharsizes Mercury. That little fellow from Colombia, the Juan Valdez stereotype, will be arrested today as an Arab terrorist from a little known group called Qaeda In Your Coffee. It might be best to steer clear of Colombian coffee for a while.

Planet X bugs Pluto. Your girlfriend, the undercover op, not the other one, will ship out tonight on a mission into North Korea to assassinate several low-ranking leaders. Probably not a good idea to ask her to send you a postcard.

Jupiter ascendant in Capricorn. Your rose garden will produce really odd looking roses this year. Remember that Chinese plant food you bought on the cheap?

Saturn, Mars, and Pluto in conference with Mercury. At 3:39 this afternoon a piece of the Antarctic ice sheet the size of Texas will break off the glacier and slide rapidly into the sea. The resulting tsunami will inundate the Atlantic coastlines of South America and Africa. In North America Miami will drown, along with a few other incidental coastal cities like Boston, Charleston, New York and so forth. FEMA will respond. No one will notice.



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